deya is committed to creating a green supply chain and promoting environmental sustainability in Taiwan. We are dedicated to reducing marine pollution caused by ocean waste. That's why we use ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber/yarn derived from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets and other nylon waste.
Through this approach, deya offers consumers and the environment a sustainable design style, showcasing a collection of bags made from recycled ocean waste and PET bottles. Each Deya bag carries a commitment to environmental sustainability and works together with customers to achieve an ideal way of life.

deya ✕ SAYA

deya and Saya, a subsidiary of Nan Ya Plastics, have joined forces to promote innovative green collaboration in the field of recycled ocean waste. Together, they are leading the trend of fashion and sustainability by utilizing a single material, rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), which significantly enhances the possibilities of resource recycling.
Through this strategic partnership, the two companies are working together to create an innovative ecological chain for recycling ocean waste. This collaboration enables greater contributions to environmental protection by focusing on recycling, reprocessing, regeneration, and reducing the use of new resources. It also helps achieve the vision of sustainable development.

Ocean Recycled rPET

What does rPET stand for?
The ‘r’ in rPET stands for ‘recycled’. Virgin PET plastic, which is made from oil and petrochemicals, can be recycled into rPET. The plastic content in rPET has been recycled, so the material is produced without exhausting natural resources. In the recycling process, plastic is collected, cleaned and remade into products. Through reuse and a minimum of 24% reduction in carbon emissions during production, rPET can be considered a more sustainable choice. Technically, anything made from PET can be replaced with rPET.

Eco-Friendly System

Importance of Eco-friendly System Running an environmentally friendly systems helps you reduce your impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. The importance of eco-friendly systems for the environment is explained by following techniques:  These systems include products that reduce your reliance on natural resources (e.g. rainwater tanks)  The systems consists of products that are made from recycled material.  Making your business environmentally friendly not only benefits the environment but can also save you money.

Environmental Recycling

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